Seahawks players surprise local high school athletes with $20,000 check for new equipment

SEATTLE -- Some say there are few real surprises in life. Students, teachers and parents at Cleveland STEM High School in Seattle just got a big one, courtesy of the Seahawks.

During the school's 1st Annual Talon Awards to recognize all student athletes, Seahawks defensive ends Dion Jordan, Marcus Smith and safety Tedric Thompson made a surprise visit to the stage.

That was just the beginning.

Then the Seahawks players called up the school's football team. Smith grabbed the mic to make an announcement.

"On behalf of the Seattle Seahawks," said the defensive end, "we're donating a $20,000 worth of football equipment to this football team."

Seahawks staffers brought out the oversized check. The gym erupted. The high school players hugged.

Football player Jahleel Breland was overwhelmed.

"I learned, no matter how high up you are or no matter what level you're playing, you can always give back to the community and should give back to the community," said Breland.

Sentiments not lost on the pros.

The Seahawks' Smith said, "Being able to present them the $20,000  check, that was probably one of the greatest gifts, top 10 of my life. I'll remember this forever."

Jordan chimed in, "I'm really excited for the school and the football team. I'm just happy that we were able to come here and show a little love."

The Cleveland High School Head Football Coach Paul Arnold, who played running back and receiver for the University of Washington, applied for a $20,000 grant with the NFL Foundation.

He says this is a lesson his players will remember the rest of their lives.

"Whenever you can have your local NFL team take interest in your program, that's going to be big," said Arnold. "Just shows our kids that their hard work is paying off. Shows them that they're not forgotten."

This surprise visit is part of the Seahawks "12 Tour. The team is making stops at locations around Washington and surprising fans in a variety of ways. If you'd like more information on the remaining stops visit: Seahawks 12 Tour

It wasn't just the Seahawks supporting student athletes at Cleveland High. Safeway heard that many of those athletes show up for practice hungry.

So the grocer donated 250 cases of food to the school's athletic department for teams next year.