Seahawks star receiver Tyler Lockett shares special bond with great grandma: 'She helped take care of me'

BELLEVUE, Wash. --  Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett is on pace for his best season yet. He credits much of his success to faith and family.

That includes one family member who dedicated her life to making sure he achieved his dreams, his great grandmother Lois Hopson.

“She helped take care of me," Lockett said while looking over at his great grandmother. "She kind of showed me the ropes throughout life and everything. She’s always been there to support me every single day.”

Hopson, who he calls Mimi, has been there as long as he can remember.

Photo of Lockett as an infant and his great grandmother Lois Hopson.


Lockett and his mother lived with his great grandparents in Tulsa, Oklahoma from the time he was born until he went off to college.

“Whatever she needed to do, she did it," said the 27-year-old Seahawks receiver. " She would take me to school. Pick me up. Go to my games and support me.”

Hopson said it was a labor of love.

"I enjoyed raising him," she said. "Supporting him in every way I could. My responsibility.”

She has plenty of stories of a hard-working and well-behaved young boy. Still, when Lockett didn’t want to go to bed at night, his great-grandma was the one providing the discipline.

A young Tyler Lockett growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I didn’t have any problems doing that,” Hopson said of her role. “He’s been great. He’s just been a great kid. Turned out to be a very respectable young man.”

Lockett is now paying it forward by becoming a role model.

While attending a high school football game in Bellevue as part of the Seahawks Blue Friday Night Lights, fans were lined up to meet Lockett and his great grandmother.

“You must be proud," one fan said to Hopson.

"Yes I am,” she said with a smile.

She travels to Seattle to watch Lockett play every chance she gets. For her birthday, the star receiver had a surprise for his Mimi in front 69,000 fans at Centurylink Field: A happy birthday message on the big screen.

She never saw it coming.

“It was just beautiful and very shocking,” she said.

Lockett's message to his great grandmother on the big screen at CenturyLink Field

Tyler chimed in, “We got a lot of great memories and we’re still creating a lot of great memories.”

Gratitude for a great grandmother who always shared her love and gifts--allowing Lockett to showcase his on football's biggest stage.

The receiver said about his great grandmother and his family support system, “It helps you block out the noise. They’re there to celebrate every single moment of your life and that’s what I call a true victory.”