Seasonal December weather ahead

A mix of clouds and sunbreaks expected for Monday.

A mild and dry day for the region today. There are some pockets of dense fog this morning, though mostly in the South Sound. Temperatures this morning are already at what would be normal for high temps this afternoon.

Though that's not a tough bar to reach-- the average high temperature for SeaTac is only 45 degrees-- that's the coldest average high we see all year long. Yesterday we saw a high temp about 53-- and I think we'll be close to that again today around the Central Sound.

Rain looks to return tomorrow in the afternoon-- with some showers that will likely carry into Wednesdsay. High temps cool off for a dry day on Thursday-- with highs only around 40 degrees.

Rain returns on Friday-- with showers looking likely for the weekend as well. Seahawks back at home at CenturyLink on Sunday. Game time temp in the low 40s.