Seattle Police snag accused 'Parking Garage Predator' who tried covering-up security camera

parking garage predators MAIN WEB GRXFUGITIVE CAPTURED October 16, 2013 -- Seattle Police identified this accused 'Parking Garage Predator' as Brian K. Smith -- and charged with with Burglary, after booking him into the King County Jail on Wednesday, October 16th. FUGITIVE WANTED IN SEATTLE October 11, 2013 – Police are sending out another warning to watch out for crooks trying to get into your secured garage. Seattle police say the first guy rode on his bike, waited until a resident left the garage on Stone Avenue North, then biked inside before the gate could close. His partner-in-crime -- the one with the beard, and the one Seattle detectives need your help identifying -- came in after he was given the 'all clear' signal. "Once they got inside, one of the suspects took black tape and actually tried to put it over the security camera, but we got some great shots of this before this happened,” retired detective Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound said. “In this specific case, it was very evident they were trying to steal the victim's motorcycle. The ignition is basically ruined, and it cost this victim about $1,000 because of the suspect ruining it." Detectives said the two seemed to know exactly what they wanted and went right for the bike as soon as theygot in the garage. Police have identified the guy with the blond hair, but they need the name of the other thief. They say he's the one who taped over the surveillance cameras in the garage. He was wearing a Seattle Mariner's shirt and glasses. Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for anyone who can tell detectives who this guy is -- just call the hotline at 800-222-TIPS and tell them you know who this guy is. You can also text a tip here.