Sen. Murray: 'We must show country that we can work together'


SEATTLE -- Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., in her first trip back to Washington state since the end of the government shutdown, told an audience in Mukilteo, “My God, it’s great to be home.”

Murray was there to celebrate the landmark transfer of the 20-acre former tank farm from the Air Force to the Port of Everett, something she has been working on for years.

The transfer of property is an effort to help revitalize the waterfront and also create space for a new Mukilteo Ferry Terminal.

Murray also spoke to reporters about the newly created, special conference committee she is chairing with Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., in the wake of the compromise this week that ended the government shutdown.

She said she is confident she can come up with a workable budget with her Republican counterpart by their self-imposed Dec. 13 deadline to avoid another shutdown in mid-January.

She said each of their proposed budgets protect Social Security, favor tax reform and make spending cuts, although the House version calls for $4 trillion in cuts and the Senate version trims $1 trillion.

"I believe Congressman Ryan and I have a responsibility to not only find a way to solve the fiscal problems of our country, but to really show the country that we can work together," Murray said.

She also said the country needs to heal from the pain inflicted by the 16-day shutdown this month.

“The country is still bruised from the small group of people in D.C. who wanted ‘my way or the highway’,” she said.