SHOCK: Parents told by police their son was killed in crash -- then he opens door at home

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- After a Alaska State trooper notified Jay and Karen Priest that their son had been killed in a traffic accident, the grieving parents went to break the bad news to his girlfriend -- and were shocked when their son opened the door.

The Alaska Dispatch News first reported the article Thursday. The entire article can be seen here.

According to ADN, an Alaska State trooper arrived at the Priest home in Palmer at about 3 a.m. Thursday to regrettably inform them that their 29-year-old son, Justin, had been killed in a car crash the night before.

The parents were understandably devastated. They drove to Anchorage to personally tell another son, Cody, about the loss. Then all of them drove to Justin's home to tell his longtime girlfriend, Julia.

When they knocked on the door, they were shocked when Justin answered.

“You're alive!” his mother shouted, according to ADN, which added that the parents explained to a bewildered Justin they they thought he was dead and then hugged and told him how much they love him.

The newspaper said it turned out that the real accident victim had the same name, but was a different age and had a different middle name.

According to ADN, Juneau Police Chief Bryce Johnson said he feels horrible about the mistaken identity and apologized to the family.