State buried in applications for pot consultant job

OLYMPIA -- Turns out, it's harder to hire a pot consultant than one might think.

The director of the Washington state Liquor Control Board, Brian Smith, announced Monday that the agency received more than 100 applications from potential consultants who will help set up a legal marijuana sales system in Washington state.

Smith said the resume check and application process was extensive, and no consultants will be hired until at least March 13.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, any consultants hired by the state will help the state in a variety of ways to set up a legal marijuana sales system. Each consultant will be responsible to review data based on four categories:

    Smith spoke to a crowd of possible applicants Wednesday at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center. The questions from the audience were far-reaching, the News Tribune reported, including a question whether or not a prior felony would preclude job applicants. Smith said he expects at least eight or 10 serious, qualified candidates from the stack of applicants.