Stephen Passmore: Caught despite dyed-hair disguise

PASSMOREFUGITIVE CAPTURED Feb. 22, 2013 -- Washington's Most Wanted and our partners, Crime Stoppers of Tacoma/Pierce County, featured accused metal thief, Stephen Passmore earlier this month. WMW viewers called in tips -- and they worked -- leading to Passmore's capture on Friday, by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department’s Community Support Team. The team took Passmore into custody as he drove away from a residence in Spanaway. Passmore told the deputies he was aware that he was wanted and had thought about turning himself in. When he was arrested, Passmore’s hair was dyed dark brown -- unlike all of his previous photos, where he has strawberry blonde hair. Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist charged Passmore with burglary and trafficking in stolen property for stealing and selling $1500 worth of scrap metal. "This case serves as another example of the power of collaboration between Washington's Most Wanted, Crime Stoppers, law enforcement, and our office," said Prosecutor Mark Lindquist. "Working together, we effectively serve our community." On April 27, 2011, shortly after midnight, Passmore and his accomplice, Cyrus Tangorra, are accused of burglarizing 'Tacoma Metals'. Prosecutors say they cut locks, climbed a fence, then threw 600 pounds of brass valves and radiators over the fence and into a U-Haul truck. Later that morning, prosecutors say Passmore, Tangorra, and a friend took the brass to 'Calbag Metals' and sold it for $1500. When the 'Tacoma Metals' manager was made aware of the burglary, he contacted 'Calbag Metals', which confirmed that it had received similar items. The Calbag employee said that the items were dropped off by three of their frequent customers, including Passmore. The incident was reported to the Tacoma Police Department. During the investigation, detectives interviewed Passmore while he was in custody on unrelated charges. He explained that he had scrapped metal since he was a child, but he had no specific recollection of the incident at 'Tacoma Metals'. Passmore was implicated in the burglary by multiple witnesses, including his accomplice, Tangorra. On August 20, 2012 Passmore was summoned to appear before the Pierce County Superior Court regarding the charges of burglary and trafficking in stolen property. He did not appear and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Passmore's accomplice, Cyrus Tangorra, pled guilty to theft on January 28, 2013. He was sentenced to six months in jail. Great work by all involved! He is capture #374 FUGITIVE WANTED IN TACOMA Feb. 15, 2013 -- Tacoma detectives say Stephen Passmore is a metal thief accused of stealing 600 pounds of brass valves and radiators from ‘Tacoma Metal.’ Prosecutors say he and his partner-in-crime cut the locks, climbed a fence, then slid the metal underneath it where they loaded up a U-Haul. Investigators say they then took it to another metal company where they sold it for $1,500. Passmore has prior convictions for having stolen property and drugs. Here are the details on STEPHEN PASSMORE:

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