Teenager uses old ropes to raise money for people impacted by COVID-19

REDMOND, Wash. - A local high school student is taking action to help people affected by COVID-19, and he’s doing it with recycled ropes.

Alex Tsao is 17 years old.

He says he has been rock climbing for about five years, and that's where he came up with his idea.

“I make handmade dog leashes from used recycling ropes,” said Tsao.

Tsao created the nonprofit Rocks2Dogs. He sells his handmade dog leashes, and with the money he makes, he donates to animal shelters.

In the last few weeks, he says he’s noticed a need for support elsewhere in the community.

“Because of the unemployment levels skyrocketing because of COVID-19, I felt that the food bank really needed the help right now. And it was important to put my funds towards the thing that needed it the most,” said Tsao.

Tsao has raised hundreds of dollars so far. He is donating the money to Hopelink, an organization that helps low-income community members get back on their feet, and one Tsao has volunteered with for years.

“To see that motivation, and to see that drive in teenagers is really impressive,” said Lauren Laing with Hopelink.

Tsao says he will continue to donate all the proceeds of Rocks2Dogs to Hopelink until at least the end of May, and possibly longer if the need continues.

For more information on Rocks2Dogs click here.