State employee speaks out about cap-and-trade fuel costs

A former Washington State Department of Transportation employee is threatening to sue the state. Whistleblower Scott Smith claims he was retaliated against and eventually pushed out of his job for telling the truth about the state’s hotly contested cap and trade program.

Christmas toys for every budget

We want to help you save some cash as we head into a holiday season marked by inflation and high-interest rates. Joining Good Day Seattle is the editor-in-chief of 'Toy Insider' Ali Mierzejewski.

'Eggnog Nation' aims to eliminate hunger

1.6 billion people in Western Washington recently visited food banks, according to new data. This morning, we're hearing all about a big push to get milk to more kids, seniors and families and egg nog is at the center of it all! Mark Coleman from Food Lifeline joins Good Day Seattle to explain.

Finance expert shares common credit card mistakes

Amid surging interest rates and inflation, many Americans are turning to their credit cards to make ends meet. As the payment option grows in popularity, we wanted to breakdown some of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

Cheap gas event intended to highlight WA's high gas tax

There were long lines at Jackson's Gas Station in Kent on Wednesday. In a two-hour window, gas was $3.82 per gallon. The group that organized this discounted price told FOX 13 the move was to show people what gas prices would be if Washington's gas tax was lowered.