Thieves stealing baby formula, but not to feed children

ST. LOUIS (MO) – Police around the country are seeing an uptick in baby formula thefts. It’s not because people are trying to feed their children, a lot of thieves are stealing it to feed their drug habit. A container of formula can cost around $20.

“It is very easy to dispose of and you can't track it,” St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch said. “So what they will do is take it and sell it on a street corner themselves or take it to a mom and pop grocery and sell it to them and resell it.”

Police in Missouri say many of the thefts are being committed by organized rings. They refer to baby formula as ‘liquid gold,’ because reselling it has become lucrative.

Stores are taking measures to stop the shoplifting, including limiting the supply on shelves, installing security cameras or locking it up.