UW Medicine recommends extra precautions for anyone playing sports

The University of Washington Medicine is offering recommendations for staying safe playing sports this fall.

While most schools are canceling or postponing fall sports this year, some clubs and private organizations are still operating.

For any teams hitting the fields in the upcoming weeks, UW Medicine is suggesting taking extra precautions.

The first is always wear a mask when you can’t social distance. While playing sports, officials suggest increasing to 10-12 feet, instead of 6 feet, when social distancing due to increased breathing.

The UW suggests before leaving for practice, parents should check their children for COVID-19 symptoms.

Officials also suggest avoiding carpooling. If that’s not possible, everyone should wear a mask in the car.

At practice, kids should avoid putting bags, and water bottles close together.  After practice, officials also suggest sanitizing and not lingering on the field.

“I think it’s better for everybody,” said Julien Boussu.

Boussu’s son plays soccer for Seattle United. He said he feels confident letting his son play because of the precautions that coaches are taking.

“I mean I love soccer. If I could play every day, I would too, but I want my son to be safe, and I want this to go away as soon as possible,” said Boussu.

For more information on how to stay safe this fall playing sports click here.