Washington to kill wolves in attempt to stop livestock attacks

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — State wildlife managers will kill some wolves after members of the pack killed at least four cattle this year in northeastern Washington.

Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Jim Unsworth authorized killing a portion of the pack that roams in Ferry County after investigators on Wednesday confirmed a calf had been killed by a wolf.

The department says preventative measures — such removing carcasses or increasing human presence — have not stopped livestock attacks, and such attacks will continue if the animals aren't removed.

Managers will soon begin trapping or shooting the animals.

The agency says it is following guidelines developed with an advisory group on when to remove wolves, including that there be at least four livestock attacks in a year.

The Capital Press says it's the third time the department will remove wolves since the predators began recolonizing Washington about a decade ago. There are now 19 wolf packs, all of them east of the Cascades.