What are the most annoying in-flight behaviors?

WASHINGTON -- 'Tis the season to be annoying.

And by annoying, think John Candy's character from 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles.'

Remember how Del Griffith drove Neal Page crazy?

Turns out he has nothing on the list of annoying traits that drive most fliers nuts during the holiday season.

Bellevue-based Expedia just released their finding from their 2013 Airplane Etiquette Study.

More than 1,000 adult Americans were asked to rank a wide range of annoying behaviors.

Topping the list - Inattentive parents!

41% of those surveyed found them to be the absolute worst when it comes to consideration for their fellow passengers.

Here's a look at the top offenders:

1. Inattentive Parents 41%

2. Rear Seat Kicker 38%

3. The Aromatic Passenger 28%

4. The Boozer 26%

5. Chatty Cathy 23%

6. Audio Insensitive 19%

7. Seat-back Guy 13%

8. Carry-on Baggage Offenders 13%

9. The Back-Seat Grabber 12%

10. The Queue Jumper 12%

11. The Armrest Hog 11%

12. Mad Bladder 11% (the window-seat passenger who makes frequent bathroom visits)

13. Pungent Food Eaters 9%

14. The Mad Dasher 9% (the passenger who jumps up the moment the plane reaches the gate)

15. The Amorous 9%

16. Overhead Bind Inconsiderate 9%

17. The Undresser 9%

18. The Pre-Boarder 6% (the passenger who boards before his/or her assigned row is called)

19. The Seat Switcher 5%

For the complete results of the survey from Expedia, click here.