Why did Amazon's CEO just send me his favorite children's book?


SEATTLE -- The intrigue and pageantry of product launches can sometimes be impressive.

I've seen a break dancing troupe and beat-boxer grace a Vegas runway for Microsoft's 2013 Surface announcement. That same year T-Mobile announced a large media event via email with a picture of an envelope and a big question mark citing an "exclusive" event with the tagline: "We're still a wireless company. We're just not going to act like one anymore" in reference to what would be the first "Uncarrier press event."

And now this: I came to work to find a copy of "Mr. Pine's Purple House" on my desk with a note from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. That note and the pages of the children's book written by Leonard Kessler seemingly hold clues to Wednesday's announcement.

Now no one - including myself - thinks tomorrow's announcement is anything but the launch of a new smartphone - presumably with 3D-like effects as well as eye tracking navigation.

The book follows Mr. Pine as he tries to make his house standout in a row of cookie cutter homes that all look the same. Combine that with the note from Bezos that reads in-part: "I think you'll agree that the world is a better place when things are a little bit different" and the head fake toward something new and dare I say revolutionary is complete.

Even the purple hue used to highlight that last line is a clue.

Color me intrigued.