Winter weather: A behind-the-scenes look at how crews work to keep passes safe

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. -- Holiday weekend travel ended with snow on Snoqualmie and Stevens passes, a common occurrence this time of year that makes for treacherous travel across the mountains.

Q13 News went on a ride along with a WSDOT Supervisor Jason Pratt for a behind-the-scenes look at road conditions and how state road crews treat and take care of the roads.

Pratt says traffic on I-90 warms up the highway, which creates a slushy texture. To avoid freezing, state road crews treat the highways with a mixture of salt and sand.

On Sunday night, there were 12 plow trucks on the road, moving in teams of three.

“Obviously drivers need to pay attention, slow down, give our crews room to work,” said Pratt. “We might inconvenience you a little bit while we’re going through and taking care of the road but we’re going to get you to your destinations safely and get home to be with your families.”

Many of the plow drivers have 30 seasons of experience under their belt keeping our roads safe.

There were no major incidents as of Sunday night in Snoqualmie Pass, just a few minor ones that included a spin out, which Pratt said is likely due to speeding.