Commentary: The Seahawks are having fun this season - I hope you are too

Well, that was fun. At times maddening. At times frustrating. But in the end? Fun.

And to me, that’s really the best way to approach this Seahawks season. Because these guys are having fun – so why not us too?

Earlier today, the Seahawks completed what most fans considered the toughest four-game stretch of the regular season, and they did so with two straight wins. It was arguably their best road win of the year - a 30-27 win at Carolina - and officially put them on the national radar when it came to the playoff picture.

And if you’re not having fun watching this team exceed expectations, now sitting at 6-5 with four home games left, then I’m really sorry. I don’t know what to say.

Because for as much improvement this team admittedly needs to make, watching them grow into what they currently are and what they could legitimately become is incredibly fun to watch.

It is fun to see a game-winning field goal wipe the smile off Cam Newton’s face. It’s fun to watch this defense fight to the bitter end, coming up with critical defensive stands at the end of four consecutive games to give the team a chance to either tie or win or hold onto a lead.

And it’s fun to watch Russell Wilson lead game-winning drives in the fourth quarter the last two weeks, ultimately outdueling two of the most talented quarterbacks in the game in Newton and Aaron Rodgers.

I know there are fans out there who have waited all year for the other shoe to drop – those that counted this team out after an 0-2 start or after two straight losses to the Chargers and the Rams. Those who are convinced the Seahawks playoff hopes were a ridiculous pipe dream. Those who want to be correct so badly that they’re unwilling to revise their original take.

But if you’re a Seahawks fan, why not enjoy this? Why not embrace it and milk it for all it’s worth? Why not admit that this team is better than anticipated and now has a chance to do something special down the stretch?

After all, we always talk about the best stories in sports being the ones that are the least expected. And that’s what this is. This “rebuilding team,” this franchise that had supposedly “lost its way” according to Richard Sherman on his way out the door, can be a contender this year. Yes it has its deficiencies, but, based on an 11-game sample set, not enough to keep them out of games.

This team does not quit. And it truly believes. And while we all have a right to be critical...and annoyed...and irritated if things aren’t going right or they don’t get it done, it doesn’t take away the fact that this group is special, this group is fun, and it really has nothing to lose.

And the final five game stretch, with a lot on the line, has the potential to be a lot more fun too.