Meet Max! #WhyNotMePets

Max is a big boy who needs a lot of room in your house and in your heart.

His size won't stop him from snuggling up on the couch with you.

Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's #WhyNotMePets campaign to help Max get adopted.

You can meet him at the Auburn Valley Humane Society.

Max is three-years-old. Employees at the shelter call him a "leaner."

"He loves to play," said Keely Lanaghan who works at the shelter. "He likes his tug toys especially ropes and we've got some braided toys that he was playing with and he loves to lean on people. He wants to be in your space all the time. He is a people dog."

Max has been in and out of the shelter for about a year. One family wasn't able to keep him long term, but Lanaghan said he was best friends with the family's son.

Max's size does make it a little harder for adoption.

"He's kind of having a hard time because if somebody wants a dog that's 120 something pounds, they probably have other dogs at home," said Lanaghan. "They're probably experienced with large dogs, so it's hard to find just that right fit where he can be the only dog and someone's excited about having a dog that's as big as a person."

Max would do good in a home without small children.

The shelter suggests kids 10 years or older. Max needs a fenced yard because he likes to explore and sniff around.

"I think he'd be pretty happy with somebody he can just hang out with," said Lanaghan. "If you work from home and he gets to spend lots of time with you, I think he would probably prefer that. It's not necessarily a requirement here at the shelter. He gets out three times a day, but he's not being particularly crazy and he's not losing his mind as much as some of our higher energy breeds."

Max's adoption fee is $150. If you are interested in adopting him, you can stop by the Auburn Valley Humane Society for a meet and greet.

You can also visit the shelter's website.