Carroll says Bucs are a 'very aggressive team' that is 'growing and getting better'

SEATTLE – Every week, Pete Carroll takes a few minutes to talk to Q13 News’ Aaron Levine.

This week, they talked about Carroll's milestone, Russell Wilson's touchdown, and Tampa's "very aggressive team."

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Let's start with a milestone. Pete Carroll has won 100 regular season wins as an NFL head coach. What does that mark mean for you?

Sometimes it feels like it's impossible to win just one game. I really wasn't aware of it. It's interesting. I don't even have perspective of it. I'll have to look up to see what that means. There's a lot of other guys who have done that. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to do that, for sure.

Russell Wilson's touchdown pass. What was that like and what kind of went into that play call on the sideline? Was that (offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell's) call?

Oh yeah. It was Darrell's call. It's a play that we've had in the offense for some time. We tried to call it a couple of times earlier in the year, but it just didn't get set up right. Darrell was dying to call it. A couple weeks ago I was fired up to put it back; thinking that people wouldn't even think to cover Russell because he wasn't running that well. So it finally came up, and it was executed beautifully.

Bobby Wagner has racked up 13 tackles, 14 tackles, 15 tackles in a game. What has allowed him to have so much success this season?

I think it's the accumulation of time playing, scheme, and guys around him playing. He is really fit, and he's in great shape all year long. I think he really commands the defense just like the quarterback commands the offense. I think it's similar. Bobby has been a terrific player for a long time. This year, the numbers keep coming. He keeps getting double-digit tackles, 14, 15 tackles. That's a lot of tackles in one game. I just think it's the accumulation of a lot of time working in the same scheme and mastering it.

Does Wagner belong in the discussion for NFL Defensive Player of the Year?

I think so. I think for sure he would. When you play defense and you make more tackles than anyone else -- that's pretty good. He's also pressured well too. He's rushed the quarterback well and been a big factor in pass events.

This team has been able to sustain success, despite some injuries. How much do you attribute that success to the work that John Schneider and his staff do?

Directly! There is a direct correlation to the depth that we have on our roster, competitiveness of the guys. It's always been about having a deep roster force. Since the day we got here, we've been talking that way. And knowing that we would have to have young players to do that. I think it's really the work that John and his guys do.

Tampa Bay on Sunday, when you look at them on film, what stands out to you?

They are a very aggressive team. They're young. They are growing and getting better. They started out struggling a little early, but they really found their stride. The feature is Jameis Winston. He's a fantastic player. He is going to be one of the great quarterbacks in the league, I think. I don't see any reason why he wouldn't. He's always been great. He's learning the league and learning how it goes. Imagine how Russell has grown over the years, he'll do the same. Big arm, big confidence. And he's got good players around him. Mike Evans is a really good player. His tight end, Cameron Brate is a really good player. He is really using his guys well and now that Doug Martin is back, it just adds to the whole thing.

How much of a factor has that been in the last couple of weeks, that Martin has been back?

He's a really, really good football player. Very aggressive, he'll make you miss; he'll run over you. He attacks really well. They got a really good offense. They got all the right stuff. Dirk has been a really good offensive coach for a long time.

Our Twitter question this week: Coach what is your favorite saying? Mine is consistency is far better than moments of greatness.

That's a good one. Mine is probably: Always compete. I think I'm pretty well stuck on that one.