Mariners will extend protective netting at Safeco Field, team says

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Mariners will extend the protective netting at Safeco Field, after a young girl was hit by a 105 mph foul ball Wednesday at a Yankees game in New York.

Mariners Spokesperson Rebecca Hale told Q13 News that the Mariners would examine options to extending the netting that protects fans against foul balls. The length and height of the extension was not immediately known.

"There are a couple of proposals on the table," Hale said in an email. "Once we have a preferred option, we'll have specifics on dimensions and timeline."

A young girl was taken to a local hospital after she was struck by a 105 mph foul ball during Wednesday’s game between the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees.

The incident happened during the fifth inning when Todd Frazier hit a ball into the seats above the dugout along the third base line.

The game was stopped for nearly five minutes while the child received medical attention before being taken to the hospital.

Frazier, visibly shaken by the incident, rested his head on the end of his bat while the girl was being treated.

“I thought of my kids. I have two kids under 3 years old and I just hope she’s all right,” Frazier told reporters after the game. “I know the dad or whoever it was that was with them was trying their hardest, but the ball’s coming at 120 miles an hour at them and the ball’s hooking. So it’s like if you’ve never seen a ball like that, which most people in the world haven’t, it’s very tough.”

This story is breaking and will be updated as more information becomes available.