Murder Mystery: Help cops figure out who killed owner of escort service

parellaWANTED IN KING COUNTY -- It’s a cold case that has the makings of a Hollywood movie. Drug smuggling, escort services and a gang with international ties. And it all revolves around 29-year old Arthur Stone. Arthur was recruiting girls to be hookers out of the Shoreline, Seattle area and he was moving to Vegas to expand his business there,” explains King county detective Thien Do. But that life of crime came to an end on March 2, 2007. “A little after midnight, actually 12:38am in the morning, the neighbors in this neighborhood heard gunshots.”10.08.33“one of them actually looked outside and saw what she described as a Chevy type of pickup truck leaving this neighborhood,” Do said. There is surveillance video of a truck matching that description leaving Rick’s Strip club in Shoreline just a few miles away. It was taken just minutes before the murder and also shows the victim and suspects entering the club together. Do says, “On the night of his murder, you can see him with two men that were seen with him earlier in the week also. And the date and time stamp on those videos will show that they left rick’s strip club and came directly here.” The two men in the video are brother’s ties to a Vancouver gang called the United Nations. Arthur worked with them in a number of illegal activities. Do elaborates saying,  “what we found through our investigation was that Arthur, in the drug smuggling business, ran from Vancouver all the way to Atlanta. It was quite an extensive operation but it involved a lot of pot, ecstasy and the use of a certain type of car- a Chevy avalanche.” But Arthur made mistakes and investigators say that’s what cost him his life.“In 2006, he was responsible for at least two loads that went from Vancouver to Atlanta and in a short period of time, he lost those two loads,” said Do. “One of the avalanches got stolen with all the drugs on board, and the other time, the avalanche was already stopped by Missouri state police or sheriff’s department and  the load was lost then too and those two loads equals up to forty pounds as well as all of the ecstasy on board and the cash.” Detectives believe the two men in the surveillance video know who killed Arthur Stone, but they refuse to cooperate and have only offered one piece of information. “During our interrogation, they did mention the possibility of a third person being here with them, and so it’s highly likely that after six years, someone else would know about what happened to Arthur that night,” Do explained. Investigators are hoping that someone tied to this group will come clean and tell what they know. “Not only will it solve and give some relief to his family members , but I think to the community as a whole, we are taking a part a small gear to this big drug machinery that’s running out of Vancouver and all the way to Atlanta. So I think it has a far more reaching impact than just the closure of the murder in this case,” said Do. If you know anything that can help King County detectives catch Arthur Stone's killers, call an anonymous tip into: CRIME STOPPERS: 1-800-222-TIPS You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest. CLICK HERE for information on how to TEXT A TIP to Crime Stoppers