New Crime Stoppers Camaro hits the road

Keep your eyes peeled for more than just fugitives on the street because now, it isn't just the WMW Charger on the road -- Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound is sporting a new ride too – a Chevy Camaro. Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound's new president, Jim Fuda, said Burien Chevrolet gladly donated the car to help keep Crime Stoppers in the public eye “Where this car goes, people look. We plan on having it out, just like the wmw car," Fuda said. The Camaro is just one way Crime Stoppers is getting out to the public -- there's also its website – and, of course, the tipline number, 800-222-TIPS, which we encourage you to call anytime you have information on a fugitive or a crime. “Well, I think what's important for Crime Stoppers is exposure. As we can see with the partnership with WMW, Crime Stoppers and 800-222-TIPS, we're catching bad guys. And other kinds of public awareness with different types of crimes that we can expose to the citizens to be aware of to make themselves and their community safer," Fuda added. For more information, visit the Crime Stoppers website here -- and keep your eyes peeled this spring and summer for the new Crime Stoppers Chevy Camaro.