Parents busted my iPad -- can I bust them?

Q: I live with my parents and they keep taking away electronics I bought with my own money.  They even broke my iPad in half.  Can they do this?  If so, do they have to replace it?  What can I do? -- MattA: "Matt, that's a great question.  But, it appears there's a bigger issue here.  Someone may have an anger control problem if they're breaking iPads in half and busting up your stuff.  If they ever put hands on you that is considered domestic violence.  And, they can't be breaking your things up.  Remember living under your parent's house, it's parent's rules.  But, it sounds like there's a bigger problem here, and if I were you I would try to get some sort of third party intervention.  Or, if you get hurt or hit please call the police." -- Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer