Security leaders from Boeing, Microsoft to speak at The 2013 Great Conversation about crime, terrorism and natural disasters

Whether it's a crime, an act of terrorism, or a natural disaster like an earthquake, businesses need to have a plan to address risk and resiliency. That's the focus of an event in seattle on Tuesday open to the public called ‘The Great Conversation’. Terrorism and global security expert, Jeff Slotnick says whether the risk comes from an active shooter incident or a brand reputation issue, being unprepared can affect the bottom line of a corporation. "It's not about guards, gates and guns anymore. Security is much larger than that, and what we're speaking about is the business of security and corporate resiliency, and ensuring that a corporation can stay resilient, adaptive and flexible in adversity.” The speakers are considered thought leaders in their industry, and include the Chief Security Officers from Boeing and Microsoft, as well as the former Vice President of Security for Starbucks. If you would like to attend the 2013 ‘Great Conversation’, it's this Tuesday at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle. CLICK HERE for more information, and to register!