Hello Octobrrr! Wednesday morning will be the coldest morning we've seen in 6 months

SEATTLE -- October 1st started the rainy season and it rained.

October 2nd started the sun, wind, hail and mountain snow season and it did.

And October 3rd will start the Octoberrrrrrrrrrrrr season and it will, according to Q13 News chief meteorologist Walter Kelley.

Wednesday morning will be the coldest morning in about 6 months with many waking up to temperatures in low 40s or upper 30s.

Kelley said we won't see frost or icy roads but the chilly temperatures will be shocking compared to the last six months.

Wednesday will be sunny with some fog mixed in but it will look beautiful so dress appropriately and enjoy it!

Thursday will be dry most of the day, but Thursday night we pick up showers again.

Friday will have passing showers and so will Saturday, but it looks dry for Sunday. Highs will only be in the 50s the next few days.