CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Armed car prowler enters home in North Beacon Hill, sparking safety concerns

Neighbors in North Beacon Hill are concerned for their safety after a man was recorded on security cameras prowling on their property and flashing a gun, all before breaking into a home.

"Everyone’s a little more careful," said townhouse owner Tiberiu Vilcu. "We’re beefing up our security systems, making sure all our cameras are active. We’re very vigilant in our group chat, just making sure everyone is aware.

The incident happened Tuesday morning around 3 a.m. on a property located near S. Holgate Street and 15th Avenue. The suspect dressed in all black was seen on multiple cameras prowling an area where cars are parked. At one point, he flashes the gun right at a camera.

"All of us are concerned about our safety," said a neighbor who asked not to be identified. "I just upgraded my security system because of what happened."

The suspect is also accused of breaking into one of the homes while someone is inside.

"It’s scary," said Vilcu. "To know he propped open a window and got inside and to know that he was armed."


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FOX 13 spoke with the owner of the townhouse burglarized. He did not want to be identified but said he was home and asleep at the time of break-in.

"I heard a noise and called out," he said.

He believes that’s what spooked the man, forcing him to run off.

"I called 911," he said.

Video shows police responding shortly after.

"I think they arrived 11 minutes later," said one neighbor. "We gave them all the video of the suspect. They later told us they arrested someone in the area but it turned out to be another person in similar clothing. They said that person had stolen tools in his possession."

Right now, the original suspect is still on the loose.

"We’re just trying to prevent something like this from happening again," said Vilcu. "The fear is that he could come back."


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