Republican candidate for Washington governor says he is no longer seeking state GOP nomination

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Reichert says he is withdrawing his name for consideration when it comes to the state's GOP endorsement.

The former King County Sheriff and former Congressman is still running for governor as a Republican.

But Reichert says the GOP convention process has been chaotic and dishonest. The three-day event started on Friday.

On X, formerly Twitter, he wrote: 

"In the past 24 hours, it has become clear that some in the Washington State Republican Party are in such disarray that they’re considering making no endorsement for governor. This, after they continually changed rules, broke rules, and twisted the process to accomplish their desired outcome.

I’m not here to fix the party but to fix our broken state. Given these deceptive and dishonest events, I’m withdrawing my name for consideration for the gubernatorial endorsement through this convention process. I am still seeking the endorsement of Republicans statewide and reconfirm my intention to fight for the state as a Republican all the way to November. My focus continues to be on fixing what’s broken and doing what’s right. That begins by defeating Bob Ferguson."

He says a small number of people have taken the process hostage, refusing to follow the rules. 

He says the other Republican opponent, Semi Bird, was initially disqualified from the nomination process due to his criminal history. 

But on Friday, Reichert says some tried to change the rules to get Bird nominated. Reichert says he is choosing to remove himself from the process.

He says the focus now is to gain votes from all Washingtonians as he looks ahead to the race in November. 

FOX 13's Hana Kim interviewed Reichert live shortly after he made the surprising announcement.


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