10-year-old girl bites man during attempted kidnapping, gets away; sketch of suspect issued

DUPONT, Wash. -- His picture is on every door in the quiet DuPont neighborhood, and he’s the last person anyone around there wants to see.

“It’s scary, especially since it’s a guy that could blend in with a lot of different faces and a lot of different people,” says DuPont mom Jessica Hillbery.

Investigators say a man matching this sketch tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl.  Police say the little girl was walking in her neighborhood on Burnside Place, when a man rushed up and grabbed her. They say he carried her up a trail and into a wooded area. Police say she struggled with him, biting him on the arm, and that’s how she got away.

Detectives say that bite mark is the one clue that could give this man away.

While parents are applauding the little girl’s actions, they’re also keeping a closer watch on their own kids.

“Don’t let the kids go out too far from you, at least for a little bit. On the trails, make sure you have protection, Mace, that kind of stuff. Just be smart,” says father Joshua Hillsbery.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.