12s say they're proud of how the Seahawks fought all season

SEATTLE - The 12s have been all in this season. And even though it’s disappointing the season ended early, many fans tell us they’re proud of this team and everything they accomplished.

If the 12s have learned anything this season, it’s that you have to believe.

“Russell Wilson and the whole team has an amazing spirit,” says Andrew Boyd. “They never give up and they genuinely believe that they can come back from anything.”

So the fans at FX McRory’s braced themselves for a dramatic comeback from the Hawks, and they almost got one.

“It was so fabulous, they gave everything,” says FX McRory’s owner Mick McHugh. “We’re all hoarse, we gave everything. We thought we could do it, we knew we could do it, but we just came up short.”

Even though the season is ending a few weeks earlier than everyone would have liked, no one hung their heads at the end of the game.

“I think this team is great, I think this year was great and I’m just excited for next season,” says Xochi Garcia.

“I just think the spirit of our whole team and coach Carroll, it's an excellent organization and we love them no matter what,” adds Boyd.

The team may have gained some new fans today. Timo Kivenen and his friend are from Finland, so American football is new to them.

“Some friends told us it's a big deal to come and see the game in the bars,” he says.

They had no idea just how loud and proud the 12s would be, but they say now they might become fans too.

“We are kind of there already. We are Seahawks fans.”

People who have been cheering on this team for a while aren’t surprised to hear that.

“The 12s are phenomenal, all ethnicities, all ages, everybody is in this deal,” says McHugh. “Sports is the biggest community builder we have in our culture right now.”

The countdown until next season has now begun. Fans say the Seahawks are a young team, with a lot more exciting seasons ahead.