4 teens arrested after police chase in Lacey, guns recovered

Four teenagers were arrested after leading law enforcement on a chase in a stolen vehicle, with deputies recovering multiple firearms in the investigation.

Lacey Police were originally dispatched to a vehicle prowl at the Amazon Warehouse, but the suspect vehicle fled and the chase was terminated.

After discovering the car was reported stolen and observing the car take a number of exits off the freeway and getting back on, Thurston County deputies continued to surveil the car.

Deputies set up spikes, successfully spiking the suspect vehicle on the second attempt.

The Thurston County Sheriff's Office says the suspect tried to make an evasive maneuver but ended up crashing into a gore point.

Four teens then fled the vehicle, but deputies were able to capture them.

Deputies say the driver was in possession of a loaded .44 revolver, one passenger had a stolen 9mm handgun, and another passenger also had a handgun with the serial number scratched off.

The Sheriff's Office said all four juveniles were from the Tacoma Hilltop area, and their ages range from 14 to 17 years old.

The driver and passengers face charges of eluding, possession of a stolen car, possession of stolen firearms, and altering a firearm serial number.