5th day of 80+ degrees, more heat ahead

A beautiful recent sunrise from Luna Park. But, we wont really see any clouds for the next few days around the Sound. Viewer pic from Caroline in West Seattle.

Back into the 80s we go this afternoon. The normal for Seattle this time of year is about 75-- and today will be our 5th day of 80+ degree temperatures around the Puget Sound. And even hotter weather is ahead as we get into the weekend. Though our hottest day of 2014 (so far) was 94 degrees on July 1st.

TODAY another round of July sunshine. A few more clouds along the coast have made their way briefly into SW Washington. High temps around 80-85 this afternoon. While it's still hot east of the Cascades, the winds have died back enough that the RED FLAG WARNING for extreme fire danger has been allowed to expire. Highs in Central Washington near some of those wildfires will be 90-95. It might be smoky and hazy for those areas near wildfires. This could affect people with repiratory issues in Central and Eastern Washington. Tonight we'll be clear and mild with temps 50-60.

THE WEEKEND looks significantly hotter. FRIDAY mostly sunny and high temps in the 85-90 for Seattle, low 90s for Portland. SATURDAY and SUNDAY both look hot. Seattle will be nearing 90 and Porltand will roast in the mid-90s. There's a threat of thunderstorms in the Cascades and east of the Cascades and sometimes that can spread some cloud cover and storminess west into the I-5 corridor. If that happens, we'll be hot and muggy as well.

NEXT WEEK we could really see things sizzle. We'll still be in the 85-90 range for Seattle-- and even hotter for our neighbors to the south in Portland and in SW Washington. The Rose City could break the triple digit mark for the first time this year. In fact, the last time Portland broke 100 was August 16th, 2012.

"Jelly Fish" clouds. Viewer pic from Randy in Port Orchard.