A case for Mondays, outlaw singer dies in bar fight and more trending

So much for a bad case of the Mondays: No, you can't go back to bed. Researchers say we are more productive at 10 a.m. on Monday mornings than any other time of the week. So write that to-do list ... or write a note to start your to-do list. Either way, it's better than nothing.

He died as he lived: Singer Wayne Mills, an 'outlaw country' star who sings about honky tonk life, died in a bar shooting in Nashville over the weekend. The bar owner tells police he shot Mills in self defense, and wasn't a stranger, but a friend. They decided to resolve their issues with bullets, and the bar owner reigned victor. #outlawforlife.

Haven't read enough reviews of Hunger Games: Catching Fire? You might like the Onion review. OMG. Peeta is hot but not too hot. If I was making the Hunger Games, I'd put a lot more cute boys in it.