Aliens flying over Whidbey Island?

OAK HARBOR -- Sure, one bizarre sighting in the night sky can be explained as a anomaly. But several?

Whidbey Island residents are reporting occurrences of flashing lights and erratic movements in the sky lately.  The Whidbey Island News Times is reporting at least six Unexplained Flying Objects have been spotted around the Washington island in the past year. Often times, the object is described as "mysterious set of orange lights" that move in an erratic fashion.

Island resident Christine Laing told the News Times that her Dec. 16 sighting could not be easily explained.

"It was such a weird shape and such an odd color," Laing said.

No planes flew from NAS Whidbey base on the night of the sighting. According to the News Times, Whidbey Island has a long history of UFOs in the night sky.