Arlington teen recovering in the hospital after being hit by a truck

ARLINGTON, Wash. -- The community is rallying behind a middle school football player who is in recovery after being hit by a truck on Thursday night.

Colby Legendre, 13, suffered traumatic injuries to his head and his leg.

Police believe the boy biked through the stop sign near the intersection of Medical Center Drive and Tveit Road when he collided with a truck.

“He says he didn’t see anything. He didn’t see a car or a truck or anything like that,” said Robert Legendre, Colby's father.

“He was in a lot of pain,” said Rita Mangum, mother. “Things were scattered everywhere. Parts of his bike were scattered everywhere.”

His family says Colby was still wearing his helmet and football pads because it was on his way home after football practice.

“Thank goodness for that because if that had not been the case it probably would’ve gone way differently,” said Mangum. “Just remind your kids. Wear your helmets. Obey the laws of the road.”

Police tell the family the truck was going about ten miles over the speed limit. The driver stopped and pulled over after the collision.

Rich Filori is the head football coach for Colby’s team, Arlington Eagles. He’s hoping drivers will pay closer attention behind the wheel.

“We tell our kids on the football field head on a swivel. Always moving always looking because you never know where the next hit is coming from,” said Filori.

On Sunday, Colby was transferred from the ICU over to Acute Care where he is now rooting for his teammates from his hospital bed.

“He just said work hard play hard and never give up. Go Eagles! So he’s right there still rooting them on,” said Mangum.

The community is showing Colby and his family support through a GoFundMe page.

Jacan Filori is a teammate and says the players are cheering for Colby’s return.

“We actually got number 43 stickers for the entire team to put on our helmets to keep in mind if Colby,” Jacan said.

Doctors tell the family Colby is expected to make a full recovery.