Bank robbery crime spree arrest

Seattle -- A high speed crime spree stretched from King to Snohomish County on Saturday.

According to police, a 30-year-old man robbed a Wells Fargo bank on Aurora Avenue North in Seattle.

“He went inside, and claimed there was explosives, and that he wanted money," Assistant Chief Paul McDonagh of the Seattle Police Department said.  "The people inside the bank were concerned enough when they passed that information to us that he had explosives on his person.”

After leaving the bank with the money, police said the robber forced himself into the truck of a man who was buying coffee from a nearby espresso stand.  Then he forced the man to drive north for several blocks and then he jumped out of the truck, and got into a Ford Explorer.

A King County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted the SUV in the Shoreline area and began to chase the car.

“Looked up just in time to see a silverish colored SUV go by at a blank speed, it must’ve been doing 90,” witness Scott Linnane said.  “It was crazy.  There were probably five police cars following him with their lights and sirens on.”

The man rolled the car and crashed at a dead end road near the waterfront in Edmonds.

“We walked past, and heard a crash and turned around, and there was a car in the planter,” witness Dixie Van Slyck said.

Police have not released the identity of the suspect who was arrested and booked into the King County Jail.