Boy escapes the grasp of men trying to pull him into car

A ten year-old boy manages to shake free from the grasp of a man trying to pull him into a car. This attempted abduction happened in Aberdeen on Thursday. The boy and his mom are warning others.

Natalie is holding her ten year old son Joey a little tighter today after he escaped from three men that tried to grab him.

Joey says he was walking to a friend’s house when he noticed three men in a silver or grey car following him

Joey said, “They pulled back and said get in the car we’re going somewhere and I said why? And he said just get in the car, we’re going. And the guy in the back of the car came out of the car, went and tried to grab me and i got away by twisting his arm and rolling the back of my feet down his shin.”

Joey began to run away and yelled for help. A neighbor who heard the commotion saw Joey screaming and called 911. Joey says the event was very scary.

Joey said, “It still hurts from when he grabbed it because he was tugging on it.”

The thought of losing her son really tugs on Natalie’s heartstrings.

Natalie, said, “You could live on a street and it’s quiet and nothing ever happens for as long as you live there until one day. And, that one day I could have lost my child.”

She is using this experience to warn other moms and dads about potential dangers lurking in every town.

“Hopefully with that information, people can keep a look out and keep a little tighter watch on their kids and don’t let them walk anywhere by themselves,” Natalie said.

Police only have a good description of one of the men. He is a young man with splotchy facial hair and has a short crew cut. The men were in a silver or grey four door sedan. Natalie hopes it’s enough information to get these men behind bars.

“I hope they catch them,” she said.  “You don’t steal little kids. You don’t take them from their parents and their friends. Just don’t do it.”