Bremerton police arrest drive-by shooting suspect

BREMERTON -- Police in Bremerton rushed to the scene of a drive-by shooting on Naval Avenue Wednesday night, and officers immediately found the vehicle described by witnesses.  A police officer pulled up to the car with his emergency lights flashing and got out to make an arrest.  That's when the officer heard a gunshot, and saw the suspect take off running.  A 40-year old woman and a 29-year old man in the car were taken into custody for questioning, while officers pursued the fleeing man.

They caught up to him after a long foot chase.   He had dropped his gun as he ran, and the officers retrieved it.  None of the officers were hurt.  The victim of the drive-by shooting is a 31-year old Bremerton man.  He said he'd had a verbal exchange with the suspect as they drove alongside each other .  The suspect fired out the passenger window and hit the driver's side door of the victim's car.  He was not hurt.  Police say he and the suspect knew each other.  He was booked for investigation of Drive-by shooting, First Degree Assault, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.