Shopping carts stolen from family-owned grocery store in Stanwood

A thief stole broken shopping carts from a locally-owned Grocery Outlet in Stanwood, leaving the store owner with the bill.

Shayne Stoddard says his Grocery Outlet has been running for 7 years and out of all the items, he's never had his broken carts stolen.  

"If something happens to the cart, the wheel falls off, they don't roll right, we set them [behind the building] until we can get them fixed," said Stoddard.

Surveillance footage shows a man loading shopping carts onto a large trailer and take off in a dark truck on Saturday morning.

Stoddard says 21 carts in total were stolen and at $150 each, the loss is setting him back more than $3,000.

"The sad thing is, I have to pay for each one of these out of pocket because we're a family-owned business," said Stoddard.

Stoddard says he's also concerned about additional costs to get new carts.

"Nowadays, with shipping costs and all that, $3,150 can turn into $4,000-6,000 pretty easily," said Stoddard.

Anyone with more information on what happened or who knows who this thief is should call Stanwood Police at (425) 388-5290.