Burien woman charged with murder for allegedly 'luring' her ex-boyfriend to his death

SEATTLE -- A 21-year-old Burien woman was charged with first-degree murder Friday for allegedly "luring" her ex-boyfriend out of his Southwest Seattle home "with a ruse" so that a hidden gunman could fatally shoot him. She then walked by his fallen body and drove off in her car, prosecutors say.

Bail for defendant Anna Kasparova was raised to $1 million from $500,000.

"The defendant appears to have set the victim up for this murder, luring him out of his home with a ruse," court documents say. "Even more chilling is the fact that the defendant appears to have no remorse for her substantial role in his murder.

"Immediately after witnessing the shooting of the victim, the defendant walked right up to the downed victim, making no attempt to help him or even check on his well-being. Instead, the defendant callously gets into her car and drives away, never even calling 911."

The murder took place Tuesday night, Sept. 19. Police were called to the 8100 block of 31st Avenue Southwest, in the city's Roxhill neighborhood, after reports of shots fired and a man lying in the street. Police found a man, later identified as Edixon Velasquez, 25, with two gunshot wounds outside his home. Despite lifesaving efforts, Velasquez died.

During the investigation, Velasquez's two roommates told police that Velasquez's former girlfriend "Anna" had contacted him and told him she "urgently" wanted to meet at his home and that he should come outside to talk to her. When she pulled up his home, the roommates said Velasquez was contacted by her again and that she had asked him to come out to help her park her car.

One of the roommates told police that Velasquez was gone about two or three minutes when they heard at least one gunshot outside.

Police said they obtained video surveillance from one of the neighbors. In the video, a black sedan pulls up to Velasquez's home and a woman gets out of the driver's seat. Velasquez can be seen getting into the driver's seat and it appears as though he is trying to parallel park the car. The woman walks across the street and appears to take cover behind a parked vehicle.

"A male in a hooded sweatshirt and long pants can then be seen walking, from the north, up to the driver's door of the black sedan," police said in court documents. "The male appears to open the driver's door and pull Velasquez out of the car. Velasquez falls to the ground and the male makes movements/gestures with his arm/hands toward Velasquez. Velasquez does not get up after this, and the male runs away on foot (northbound).

"The female then appears to calmly walk back over to Velasquez, look at him down on the ground, make no attempt to help him, but instead enter the driver's door of the black sedan and drive away."

On Wednesday, Police arrested Kasparova in Burien. During an interview with police,  the documents say, "Kasparova admitted that she went to the victim's residence on 9-19-17 and asked him to come outside to help her park her car. She denied knowing the identity of the shooter and the motive for the shooting, but admitted that she did nothing to help the victim after the shooting and that she left the scene and never called 911."

The male suspect has not been located, police said.