Cheap and easy, last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for kids

If you're slamming to put together a last minute, cheap and easy DIY Halloween costume for the kids, we've scoured the internet for some fun ideas.

This idea from Country Living Magazine: A Gauzy Ghost.

Wear all black. You can paint your face white with dark eye circles if you'd like. Then pin cheesecloth and gauze all over with safety pins.

(Source: Country Living Magazine)

USAToday compiled a list including a Rosie the Riveter costume. You just need some sort of jean shirt and a bandana and you're ready to go. has a ton of easy and cheap ideas like an aerobics instructor. All you need is a hot glue gun, baby leggings and socks. Simple and funny.

This one from the blog Giggles Galore -- a bubble bath.

You secure balloons to a t-shirt and headband. Rubber cement will help stick a rubber ducky on to one of the balloons. You can also use this same concept for a bunch of grapes or a gumball machine costume. posted a list of Halloween "boxtumes" you can make using old Amazon delivery boxes you might have lying around. Some ideas: A rocketship, a shark, a peacock and even a slice of pumpkin pie.

And has a ton of cute ideas on its page, including a little NASA astronaut that only takes a kids jumper with some patches attached to it.

Happy Halloween!