Chehalis burglars caught after their getaway car spins out in flooded street

CHEHALIS, Wash - Two would-be burglars are in jail after their vehicle spun out in a flooded street in downtown Chehalis Thursday.

Deputies arrested a man and woman after they were involved in an attempted burglary in the 100 block of Linda Vista Drive, the Lewis County Sheriff's Department reported.

A neighbor called 911 to report seeing a suspicious man and woman in and around her neighbor's house, police said.

The couple got into a car and left the area, only to be pulled over by police on Jackson Highway.

A deputy noticed that both the man and woman were acting suspiciously as the officer could see numerous credit cards strewn about the floor of the vehicle, police said.

Just as another patrol car arrived, the couple drove off, only to hit some standing water and lose control and spin out  near 2nd and Market Street.

Both the man and woman ran from their car; the female arrested in a parking lot, and the man found hiding in the basement of a nearby house.

Police said that their vehicle turned out to be a stolen car from Fife.