Chinese government to traveling citizens: Don’t pick your nose in public

BEIJING -- China wants to make sure its citizens behave while overseas, so the government has published a ‘tourist guidebook’ for travelers. The guidebook has a list of do’s and don’ts for people visiting other countries.

Some examples were pretty obvious like, don’t litter or yell in public. It reminds tourists to follow ‘no smoking’ sings. Others are kind courtesies like no picking your nose in public, urinating in pools or stealing airplane life jackets.

According to the AFP, other guidelines were more country-specific. For example, in Germany you aren’t allowed to snap your fingers at people. Female visitors in Spain need to wear earrings in public or they are considered to be ‘naked.’

The timing of the guidebook is perfect, as China’s ‘Golden Week’ kicked off on Tuesday. Lots of holidays are coming up and millions of Chinese are expected to take vacations.