Cold air to stay through the weekend

SEATTLE -- Very cold air to remain in place through the weekend -- not quite record cold but very close.

A cold day on the water (Photo: Pete Spear/Seattle Police Dept.)

The main issue through the weekend will be icy roads during the night and morning hours. Lows will be around 25 or colder and highs will stick around 37. The wind chill is in the 20s during the daylight hours. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

A couple of things to think about. Everyone’s heat bill will be much higher than normal. Everyone will need to stay hydrated. (The cold sucks moisture out of you faster than warm weather). A good thing about this type of cold air coming from the Arctic is that we don’t get bad air quality so burn bans are unlikely. Also, we have been super dry lately. In fact, we have had one-third less rain than last year. Strange.

The main story here is that roads will be icy through the weekend.