Convicted child rapist asks to be locked up again

Zachary Goldschmidt (Photo from Snohomish County Sheriff's Office)

SEATTLE -- A child rapist released after eight years in the state's Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island is asking to go back. In a letter to the court, Zachary Goldschmidt confessed he is a danger to the community and needs sexual predator treatment, the Seattle PI reported.

"I am notifying the courts of this problem, because the community will be safe without (me)," Goldschmidt wrote. King County prosecutors are working to fill the unusual request.

Goldschmidt, now 30, was sent to McNeil Island a decade ago and successfully fought to be released from the facility in 2011, according to the P.I.

Under Washington's civil committment law, sex offenders found likely to reoffend because of a mental illness can be detained indefinitely. Goldschmidt has been previously ruled a "violent sexual predator." He's currently being held without bail at the King County Jail in Seattle.

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