Couple has surprise officiates at wedding, and the guests love it (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES -- Tammy Caplan and Joe Gold have always been a tad different.

So they wanted their wedding to be different, too.

According to BuzzFeed, Caplan and Gold's April wedding featured six puppets, including a rabbi, a judge, a ring bear, and a ship's captain. The puppets, of course, all loved to perform.

The wedding was photographed by Robert Orsa Photography. 

The couple told BuzzFeed that they have always loved Sesame Street and have been big fans of The Muppets. The couple scripted the entire wedding, they told BuzzFeed.

"We've written several scripts together, but this was one of the most fun writing projects," Caplan told BuzzFeed.

It wasn't only the couple who loved the puppets. The guests -- always hungry for a different kind of wedding -- had a great time.