1 dead, 1 injured after floatplane crashes in Lake Sammamish; neighbors rushed in to save pair on board

A man has died and another was injured after their floatplane crashed in Lake Sammamish on Friday afternoon. They were the only two on board, and neighbors told FOX 13 that the victims were father and son. 

At 11:11 a.m. the Bellevue Fire Department (BFD) sent out an alert confirming the crash happened northeast of Weowna Park.

The BFD announced one man died in the crash, and another man survived but is in critical condition. Crews say only two people were in the plane during the incident.

The plane took off at 10:43 a.m. and crashed around 11 a.m., according to FlightAware.com.

Bellevue Fire Department

Officials say a group of jet skiers helped get one of the victims to shore, and neighbors in the area say they didn't hesitate when they saw the crash. 

"There was one other boater who got there, and one of the victims had been, I guess, thrown out of the wreckage," said a man who witnessed and later helped with the crash. 

He said he dove into the water to help the pilot, who was still belted into his seat and was trapped underwater. 

"I brought [him out of the] cockpit, got him on the bottom of the wing, and then started doing compressions on the wing, but the wing was super slippery," the man said. 

Another neighbor with a medical background was waiting on shore to help. 

Unfortunately, the pilot did not survive. 

His wife was waiting on the shore with onlookers and rescuers, and she requested to hold her husband's hand one last time before the medical examiner arrived. 

"If it hadn’t been for folks that were racing to help, his son may not have survived. He had significant injuries

It's unclear what caused the crash.

However, based off FAA records, this isn't the first time the plane has crashed. The pilot and his wife crashed in 2016 and both were uninjured. 

The pilot is certified to fly seaplanes and his license is active. 

The plane is a kit built, and the supplier is now out of business. 

An investigation is ongoing. 

This is a developing story, check back for updates.