Crook smashes windows and steals from ten Monroe business

MONROE, Wash. - Monroe business owners are dealing with the damages left by a crook who broke into 10 different storefronts.

Early Friday morning, Monroe Police say they started getting calls for a series of store break-ins.

The crimes happened to businesses along Highway 2.

“I was pretty mad when I found out about it,” said Gi Lee.

Lee works at his family’s business Kami Teriyaki and Sushi.  The crook smashed the glass in the front of his parent’s business and broke the cash register inside.

“Terrible; I’m kind of disappointed about it,” said Mike Sipp. “I don’t know why people have to do something like this,” he added.

Sipp says he’ll drive out nearly a half hour to eat at Kami.

He says he loves the food and the people, and it breaks his heart someone would do this to this family.

“Nothing is safe anymore,” he said.

Police say this crook or crooks got some cash from these stores, but mainly these businesses are just dealing with the damage.

Surveillance video got the thief in the act at one of the businesses, but he had a hood on and his face obscured.

If you have any information, Monroe police ask that you contact them: 360.794.6300.