Denver station: No Seattle music until after Super Bowl

SEATTLE -- The tension between Seahawks and Broncos fans is at a fever pitch and one Denver, Colo., radio station is getting in on the rivalry.

According to The Coloradoan, a classic rock station called The Mountain has banned all Seattle-based music in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

No Nirvana. No Alice in Chains. No Pearl Jam. No Soundgarden. No Jimi Hendrix. No Heart. None at all.

One of the station's deejays said the week is crucial for the Broncos and their fans to keep the positive energy going in preparation for the Super Bowl.

"How could I, in good conscience and good mojo, saturate the Mountain airwaves with Seahawk fan-bands?" said morning show host Mike Casey, in a statement released by the station.

The promotion sparked some good-humored arguments on The Mountain's Facebook page, with some Seahawks fans asking what Denver has done to contribute to the music world.

The Mountain's management has promised to bring Seattle bands back to the airwaves, as soon as the big game ends.