Dogs kill 5 petting zoo animals at Yakima County farm

WAPATO, Wash. -- The director of a Yakima County farm says several dogs attacked and killed five of the farm's petting zoo animals.

Campbell Farm director Carmanita Pimms says staff made the grisly discovery Monday morning. The attack left three goats, a pig and a miniature horse dead. A donkey was also mauled but survived.

The Herald-Republic reports that three dogs were still in the corral when Yakima County animal control officers responded. The officers shot and killed two of the dogs, a pit bull and a German shepherd. A third dog was not shot because it did not appear threatening.

The dogs did not have microchips, tags or other identifying information.

The 40-acre farm and retreat center is located in Wapato, about 15 miles south of Yakima.