Drones, OMG Snow, howling wolves and more on Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday!

While you're browsing all those awesome deals, take a break and enjoy some good, old-fashioned trending stories.

#TeamPW: The internet is still mourning 'Fast and Furious' star Paul Walker, who was killed in a fiery crash Saturday afternoon, at a car show he was promoting. Walker was 40 years old.

OMGSNOW: There's snow in them hills! The mountains are getting blasted with fresh pow today, and temperatures around Seattle are going to take a nose dive as the day goes on. Snow might be possible later in the week! Kids everywhere are crossing their fingers. Parents are dreading the daily commute. Things are happening.

Hey! Your drone is here!Amazon unveiled plans on Sunday for a new delivery service called Prime Air, which uses unmanned aerial vehicles — or drones — that look like toy helicopters. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says this technology could be a reality in four or five years, and maybe one day this note will end up on your doorstep.

Four Eyes never looked so cool: A 4-year-old who was scared he'd be teased at school for wearing glasses has nothing to fear. He has over 33,000 friends who got his back. His mom started Glasses for Noah on Facebook, and lots of people are posting words of encouragement and photos of their unfortunate specs from back in the day. Now if only we could explain to Noah what a hipster is. Once he can grow a beard, he's going to be so legit.

Get your howl on: Most animals don't need human help to do.. well, animal stuff. But who else could teach this baby wolf to howl, if not this fancy English gentleman?

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